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100’s of walks & hiking tracks you can do for free around New Zealand

We’ve put this website together in the hope you’ll find many great walks and hikes around New Zealand to enjoy just like we did. We were both born in New Zealand, so you could say we know quite a lot about our country. Haven’t quite lived here all our lives, but we keep coming home, New Zealand is too beautiful to leave for long. We’ve traveled a lot around the world and we’re very proud to say, our walks and hikes in New Zealand are up there with the absolute best in the world. Plus you can walk 100’s of them totally for free, no guide needed. Kiwi’s, this site is for you too, we’ve got walks in the North Island to the bottom of the South Island, time to get out and enjoy your country.

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Sandra and Garry from Freewalks.nz at Homunga Bay near Waihi, North Island, New Zealand

About Sandra & Garry

Hi from Sandra & Garry. This website is our passion and we love walking everywhere in stunning New Zealand. From beaches to forest, mountains to rivers and cliff tops, where ever there is a walk we’ll try and do it. All the walks on this site are from our own personal experience, every photo is taken by our own camera and all the text is written by us. Sorry for any spelling mistakes you might find!

Our top 10 walks in New Zealand

Here’s our quick guide to the 10 best walks worth doing in the in New Zealand, as rated by us. You’ll find out why in the extensive details, just click on the link. We’ve included lots of high quality photos actually taken on the walk, walk times, length, track quality, highlights, low-lights and everything in between.

Walk to the base of the Franz Josef Glacier (South Island)

Walk to the top of Mt Maunganui (North Island)

Stunning beaches & crystal clear water (South Island)

Mirror lake reflections & cute village (South Island)

Follow the walk beside pure clean spring water (North Island)

An extinct volcano in the middle of Auckland (North Island)

Walk with excellent views over Lake Taupo (North Island)

Good workout to stunning views over Wanaka (South Island)

Excellent walk around the Blue Lake in Rotorua (North Island)

One of Auckland's best walks over farmland & beaches (North Island)

Our latest walk in March 2020

Stunning mirror lake views if you go in the morning. Reflecting the mountains and the wonderful landscape, this lake offers million dollar photo moments.


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