Map of free walks, hikes & tracks in New Zealand

Introducing my comprehensive map page that captures the awe-inspiring beauty of all my New Zealand walking tracks!

As an expert in traversing these tracks and documenting my journeys, I have meticulously curated a map that is a treasure trove of information for fellow hiking enthusiasts.

With painstaking attention to detail, I have marked out the walks I’ve explored, from the lush green forests to the snow-capped peaks, showcasing the diversity of landscapes that New Zealand has to offer.

Each track is accompanied by detailed notes, including the level of difficulty, estimated time to complete, highlights along the way, high quality photos, providing invaluable insights for you.

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a curious explorer, my map page is your ultimate guide to discovering the hidden gems of New Zealand’s walking tracks, making your outdoor adventures an unforgettable experience.

Map of all walks in NZ

Zoom in to see the pin and click on it for the walk name. You’ll then see the link to the full walk details.