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Walking and hiking tracks in Milford Sound, South Island, New Zealand
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Walking & hiking in Milford Sound

The most popular walk in Milford Sound is the Milford Track. However, because it’s a 4 day walk (3 day at the moment in May 2020) you’ll have to stay in huts that cost, and these aren’t cheap. So not technically a free walk. There is no camping allowed on the Milford Track either. We haven’t walked the Milford Track yet so can’t write about it sorry.

Don’t worry though, there are plenty of other great day walks in Milford Sound you can do. You’ll find most of the walks in Milford Sound aren’t right in Milford Sound itself, that’s because of all the really big mountains around. Most are located along the Milford Road.

Safety in Fiordland National Park on the Milford Track – be prepared

Choose a walk that suits your fitness and experience, in the details of each walk you’ll find the fitness level required. Fiordland National Park is not a place to muck around with, especially if you’re planning a longer walk.

Follow the Outdoor Safety Code:

        • Plan your trip
        • Tell someone your plans
        • Be aware of the weather
        • Know your limits
        • Take sufficient supplies including enough fresh drinking water

If you need more information, visit: www.mountainsafety.org.nz. For longer walks or hiking it’s best to take a NZTopo map with you. You’ll also need the correct clothes and supplies for your activity. We recommend you take:

        • Sturdy walking shoes
        • Sun hat in summer and warm hat in winter
        • Extra warm clothing even in summer
        • Waterproof jacket, it rains alot in Fiordland National Park
        • Drinking water and food
        • First aid kit
        • Sunscreen for all year round
        • Insect repellent (in summer months)
        • Camera

Watch out for the weather at Fiordland National Park

        • The weather can change quickly – high winds are common and snow can fall at any time of year. Check the weather forecast regularly.
        • Snow and ice conditions can be treacherous. Always walk with care over snow or ice.
        • Avalanches can occur any time of the year but are most common in winter and spring. Take special care when travelling through known avalanche areas and check avalanche advisory.
        • The alpine areas in the park are very exposed, and at any time of year, spending a long time in the sun or in hot conditions can lead to dehydration and severe sunburn – go well prepared.

Leave no trace on your walks

Always walk on the tracks provided and if camping out make sure it’s on durable ground, not harming any of our wonderful nature. Take your rubbish with you, please. Be aware of “didymo” and do your bit not to spread it or other freshwater pests. Remember to check, clean and dry your hiking boots before entering or moving between streams, creeks and rivers.

Frequently asked questions on walks in Milford Sound, Fiordland National Park

No, is the quick answer on any DOC land, although you can get a permit to fly your drone (from DOC), including private and non-commercial use. Applying for the permit for the first time can be a little tricky, there is a free pre-application meeting then you need to contact the local iwi to assess whether your proposed activity will have any cultural effects. Oh, and it’ll cost for each DOC region you apply to use your drone. Use DOC Maps to help you find each region.

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