Explore the Beauty of West Auckland on Foot

West Auckland is awesome for walkers like me who like lots of bush and beaches. There’s nothing quite like walking through the Nikau palm beauty of the Waitakere Ranges. There are so many walks it’ll keep you busy for years!

Piha Beach is an obvious favourite, with its black sands and rugged coastline, great on a sunny day. Bethells Beach offers more of the same, while the Karekare Falls track (coming soon) promises a refreshing reward at the end.

For a more urban adventure, I often explore the vibrant streets of Titirangi, with its art galleries and cafes. West Auckland’s blend of nature and culture offers endless opportunities for walking adventures, and I can’t wait to share these Westie gems with you!

Hobsonville is another favourite for me, especially as you can get there by ferry. The markets are right on the best walk there too.

I have over 150+ walks in Auckland, hope you find a few to enjoy! 

I've broken down my walks in West Auckland to each area as there are too many

Avondale Whau River

Avondale Walks in West Auckland

Avondale's hidden gems: Rose Garden's blooms, Oakley Creek's bridges, and the tranquil Avondale Whau River Walk. All in West Auckland.
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Glen Eden Bush walking path

Glen Eden Walks in West Auckland

Glen Eden walks explore Waikumete Cemetery plus bush and streams. Glen Eden is in West Auckland.
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Henderson Creek walk path in West Auckland

Henderson Walks in West Auckland

Henderson walks await! Explore Tui Glen Reserve, Opanuku Walkway, and more in this vibrant suburb in West Auckland.
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Waikowhai park with Foreshore beach view and bench

Hillsborough Walks in West Auckland

Discover Hillborough walks in West Auckland. Explore Hillborough Cemetery and the lush trails of Waikowhai Park in this charming suburb.
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Ferry coming into Hobsonville Point in Auckland by Freewalks.nz

Hobsonville Walks in West Auckland

Explore Hobsonville walks! From coastal beauty to farmers markets & urban sprawl, Hobsonville has it all for nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike
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The walk bridge at Moire Park Bush Walk

Massey Walks in West Auckland

Massey's got some cool walks, from Moire Park's nature vibe to shopping at the nearby Westgate Mall. Massey is in West Auckland.
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New Lynn Pottery and Parks walk bush pond

New Lynn Walks in West Auckland

Explore New Lynn walks: nature at Manawa Wetland, shopping at Lynn Mall, and art through Totara Avenue murals. Enjoy my walks.
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Walks & hiking in Piha, North Island - Copyright Freewalks.nz

Piha walks and hiking

Lion Rock is a prominent natural landmark at Piha Beach, but it cannot be climbed or hiked. It's an iconic rock formation that stands tall ...
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Ferns and bush in Te Atatu walks in West Auckland

Te Atatu Walks in West Auckland

Te Atatu offers some great walks, cozy cafes, and lush parks. Enjoy my walks in this relaxing suburban area in West Auckland.
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Titirangi walks and hiking

Find out why Titirangi is one of the best places to walk & explore. Discover our favourite short walks or full day hiking tracks around ...
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Waitakere Rangers Walking & Hiking - Tram Line Track - Auckland - Copyright Freewalks.nz

Waitakere Ranges Walks

Waikatere Ranges, with bush, beaches, mountains, dams and so much more. Walk the Upper Huia Reservoir or hike to the epic Waitakere Dam for history ...
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