I had a fantastic time hiking all the walks at Whangaroa

Whangaroa’s diverse landscape offers three awesome walks. I’ve explored the panoramic views atop St. Paul’s Rock, feeling the lovely breeze as I admired the harbour below. On another day, I embarked on a longer journey on the Wairakau Stream hike.  There isn’t much in Whangaroa town itself, except the fishing club which does some awesome fish and chips!

How to get to Whangaroa

We arrived on our boat and tied the dinghy up to the wharf. But you can drive there too, there is plenty of parking at the wharf. 

Whangaroa boasts a rich and complex history, intertwined with the stories of Maori and European encounters.

Map location of Whangaroa

My walks in Whangaroa

St Paul's Rock Track

St Paul’s Rock Track

3.6 km return • 1 hour 20 mins • Medium • St Paul’s Rock Track in Northland is a great workout to the top for ...
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Wairakau Stream Track

Wairakau Stream Track

9.7 km return • 3 hours • Medium • Follow the Wairakau Stream for a bit then an uphill climb over the top and down.
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Duke's Nose Track

Duke’s Nose Track

1.7 km return • 1 hour 20 mins • Medium • The walk up to the top of the Duke’s Nose is steep, but worth ...
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