Quick facts about this walk

Location: Whangaroa, Northland, North Island
Distance: 9.7 km
Walk time: 3 hours return
Difficulty: Easy to medium
Elevation: 548m
Track Quality: The track is ok, there are a lot of tree roots and a bit of muddy bog to walk through/over
Transport: You'll need to make your own way there by boat or walk in from Totara North
Mountain bikes?: No
Wheelchair access? No
Wet Feet: There are streams to cross, depending on the weather you should be able to rock hop them.
Toilets: There are two long drop toilets at the Lane Cove Hut and toilets at Totora North
Dog: No dogs allowed
Mobile coverage: Not a lot here

Lovely covered bush and stream walk!

We started the walk from Lane Cove where we anchored our yacht. We took the dingy in and tired up at the visitors dock, to the left of the hut. You can book the whole hut from DOC, it’s quite nice. You can swim here on a hot day.

If you don’t have a boat to access the walk from Lane Cove then you can walk in from Totara North, this is what most people do. There isn’t much to see at Totara North, no shops, just a few houses a wharf, and toilets. 

There is a small place to park your car at the start of the walk or leave it down by the wharf and walk from there, there’s more room, it’s about a 15 min walk.

Best to walk this in the summer, we came across a few mud holes which would be way worse in winter or if it was raining. You’ll also cross the stream about 3 times. In summer when the water level is low you can rock hop, no need to take your shoes off. 

Wear shoes that support your ankles, there are a lot of tree roots to walk over making the track quite uneven. There is a lot of shade walking through the bush which is lovely. Although you can take a swim in the stream at one of the crossings, it’s very refreshing.

Most will want to also carry on and do the Duke’s Nose walk which is well worth it even if you’re a bit tired by then.

Map location and track

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