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Your guide to 100's of free walks we've personally documented in New Zealand.

Walk for free on quality walking tracks in New Zealand. We’ve been out and about personally walking 100’s of free tracks and written detailed information on each walk. Map, photos, distance, quality, history, track points and much more are included on all walks.

Walk for free through lush native bush, ancient forests, past wild coastlines & stunning waterfalls, through rivers, and along beautiful beaches at some of our favouite walks in Auckland. See a glacier up close on the Franz Josef Glacier walk or dramatic snow capped mountain ranges from Queenstown walks.

Walk Wanaka for untouched wilderness trails & hiking, you’ll never get bored. We’ve walked over 300’s tracks and documented their full details. You can walk them for free, no guide is needed.

Walk Dunedin for the history and beautiful old buildings. We’ve covered walking tracks from the North Island to the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand, time to get out and enjoy. Each walk has full trail details including stunning photos, track length & time, hazards, track quality and history.

Milford Sound Foreshore Walk

Our latest walk in June 2020. On a sunny day, Milford Sound is just stunning. Huge mountains reflecting off the water, amazing. Walking the Foreshore walk in Milford Sound is well worth the effort to drive out there.

Our best 12 free walks in New Zealand for 2021

Here’s our quick guide to the 12 best walks worth doing in New Zealand, as rated by us. You’ll find out why in the extensive details, just click on the link. We’ve included lots of high quality photos actually taken on the walk, walking times, length, track quality, highlights, low-lights and everything in between.