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Stunning Waterfalls, remote beaches, epic mountains, cities, countryside, all pure walking pleasure - my Freewalks walking guide is your chance to escape, unwind, and reconnect with nature.

Planning your walk or hike in New Zealand is easy!

These 3 helpful articles are the perfect place to start…

Choosing the Right Walking or Hiking Trail in New Zealand A Practical Guide

Choosing the Right Walking or Hiking Trail in New Zealand: A Practical Guide

My practical guide will show you how to choose walks based on your fitness, interests, and time, with tips on weather and scenery.
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Big walk to the top of Mt Hobson on Great Barrier Island in great weather

Hiking in New Zealand: Weather Tips You Need to Know

Explore New Zealand hiking with our guide on weather considerations. Learn seasonal tips, local phenomena, and safety for a great outdoor experience.
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My trusty Merrell walking shoes

Safety and Gear Essentials for Walking & Hiking in New Zealand

My guide to essential hiking gear and safety tips for New Zealand's terrain. Learn about proper footwear, clothing layers, and emergency essentials for a safe ...
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All my walks are completely free!

Here is a selection of my most favourite walks in the North Island…

St Paul’s Rock Track

3.6 km return • 1 hour 20 mins • Medium • Whangaroa

Mt Eden Volcano Walk

2 km • 1 Hour • Easy • Central Auckland

Mt Maunganui Summit Walk

3.80 km • 1 Hour 20 mins • Hard • Bay of Plenty

Here is a selection of my most favourite walks in the South Island…

Hooker Valley Track

10 km return • 3 hours • Easy • Mt Cook

Lake Matheson Lake

4 km • 1 Hour 30 Minutes • Easy • Fox Glacier

Bannockburn Sluicings Reserve

4 km • 2 Hours • Easy • Cromwell

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Walker reviews is a fantastic resource for discovering New Zealand's best walking tracks! As an avid hiker, I appreciate the detailed descriptions and user-friendly maps that make planning my walks a breeze. The site helped me find hidden gems like the Brick Bay Sandspit Loop Walk, which had great views and beach walking. Highly recommend this site to anyone looking to explore the great outdoors in New Zealand!
Adam Sendler
Hiker from NZ
I stumbled upon while searching for new hiking spots and have been hooked ever since. The comprehensive walking guides and tips have made my walks so much more enjoyable. I recently tried the Whirinaki Forest in Taupo based on a recommendation from the site, and it did not disappoint! is a must-visit.
Mike Stuart
From Taupo

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Here are our latest walks just added by me and the team

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Whangarei Falls Walk A Must-Do Adventure in New Zealand!

Whangarei Falls Walk: A Must-Do Adventure in New Zealand!

Explore Whangarei Falls Walk! Get the lowdown on what to see, history, parking tips, and more. Perfect for a family day out or a solo ...
Walk details
Take a Stroll to Owharoa Falls: Your Next Adventure Awaits!

Take a Stroll to Owharoa Falls: Your Next Adventure Awaits!

Check out Owharoa Falls in Karangahake Gorge – perfect for a family outing with easy walks, gorgeous scenery, and a cool swim spot. Find out ...
Walk details
Brick Bay Sandspit Loop Walk

Brick Bay Sandspit Loop Walk

6.2 km loop • 1 hour 30 mins • Easy • Explore the scenic Brick Bay Sandspit Loop Walk with views, Tui-filled bush, and beach ...
Walk details

Want to know more about walking and hiking in New Zealand?

Here are some common questions from other walkers…

Q1. What are the best hikes in New Zealand?

Q2. What is the best time of year to hike in New Zealand?

  • Answer: The best time for hiking or walking in most parts of New Zealand is during the spring and summer months (October to April) when the weather is warmer and the days are longer.

Q3. Are there any required permits or fees for hiking?

  • Answer: Some of the popular Great Walks require booking in advance and have associated fees. 99.9% of the walks on my website are totally FREE to walk.

Q4. What wildlife and plants might I see?

  • Answer: Depending on the region, you will usually see native birds like the fantail or tui, and unique flora such as the silver fern or kauri trees. Always keep a respectful distance from wildlife.

Q5. Can I do these hikes with children or pets?

  • Answer: Many walks are suitable for children, but pets are often not allowed so as to protect local wildlife, especially in national parks and on conservation lands.

Q6. Can I fly a drone on a walk in New Zealand?

Using a drone on walking tracks in New Zealand is generally restricted, especially in national parks and conservation areas managed by the Department of Conservation (DOC). Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Permissions Required: You must obtain a special permit from the DOC to fly a drone on most walking tracks, particularly those that pass through national parks or conservation land. DOC considers the impact on wildlife, the environment, and the experience of other visitors before granting permission.

  2. Respecting Wildlife and Environment: The use of drones can disturb wildlife and disrupt the natural environment, which is why restrictions are often strict in sensitive areas.

  3. Privacy of Others: Flying a drone on busy tracks can also infringe on the privacy and enjoyment of other track users. DOC’s policies aim to maintain the natural peace and enjoyment of outdoor spaces for all visitors.

  4. Safety Considerations: The safety of all visitors is a priority on walking tracks. Drones can pose risks if not operated carefully, especially in areas that are often crowded or have challenging terrain.

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