Previously I had stopped a couple of times for coffee at a local cafe and we had attended conventions at the North Harbour Stadium. So the area was not totally new to us.

This walk is open and clear of Kauri Dieback.

Quick facts about this walk

Walk time: approx. 90 minutes
Distance: about 7.5 kms
Start: Kell Park, Albany
Track: A mix of level paths, steep paths and steps
Difficulty: Suitable for most ages and levels of fitness and mobility, designed with flat shoes or running shoes in mind.
Buggies/Wheelchairs: Not suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs.
Dog Friendly: off leash exercise area along bush track in Albany Reserve
Highlights: New Zealand bush, streams
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The Hobbiton Movie Set Day Tour - From Auckland

As usual we were surprised at what we uncovered – a beautiful bush walk along a stream. The previous night had been very stormy (the news reported that there were over 1000 lightening strikes) and the stream was very full and flowing very fast!

The well formed track following the stream however was not muddy as we would have expected.

Albany Reserve Loop

However we did get “temporarily displaced” in a bush area (which involved climbing over two wire fences), and we will return to document a clear route.

In the early days the most popular means of transport from Greenhithe, Albany and Paremoremo to other areas whether on the North Shore or in Auckland was by water. Many wharves were built on both sides of the banks of Lucas Creek and Hellyer’s Creek. Rowboats were common for travelling the short distance between Paremoremo and Greenhithe, while launches shipped passengers and goods to and from Auckland. Regular shipping services became very important to settlers in the area who relied on sales of their fruit and dairy farming products in Auckland to make a living.

The Landing was an area that served as a terminus for the transportation of passengers and goods by water. It was demolished in the 1930s and has since been redeveloped for residential use.
Source: Auckland Council

The route begins and ends at Kell Park.  It starts off along a concrete path.  After which it heads into the bush, following the stream. We were impressed by the bush, the palms and the giant totara trees. The loop walk  returns via Massey University.

Map location and how to find Albany Reserve Loop

Photos from my walk along the Albany Reserve Loop

Comments on Albany Reserve Loop

Emma Ternouth

Hi there,
I was just wondering would this be safe to walk alone?


Hi Emma. If you have any concerns then do this walk with a friend. The bush is beautiful and peaceful. Cheers, Helen


is Kell park still closed with Kauri Dieback


Kell Park is NOT closed.

Albany Massey Loop walk is open.

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