This is noted when we visit the area – it may change without any notice due to Council regulations. Check with this Auckland Council webpage: Exercising your dog before you head out.

Off leash dog friendly parks in Auckland

Here are 8 areas for dog walks in Auckland, plus another 4 in brief.

1. Meola Reef , Point Chevalier*
2. Big King Reserve , Three Kings/Mt Eden*
3. Craig Avon Park
4. Waiaturua Reserve
5. Western Park,  Ponsonby *
6. Kakamatua Inlet
7. Takapuna Beach
8. Macleans Park , Bucklands Beach/Half Moon Bay*
9. Churchill Park , Glendowie*
10. Heron Park
11. Kauri Point Domain
12. Waikowhai Park
13. Moire Park , West Harbour*
14. Hobsonville Bomb Point Dog Park

The Localist lists 10 great parks to walk the dog

PLUS (I will add more as I find them and if you know of any that are not listed here, please inform us all in the comment box below):

1. Dove Myer Robinson, Shore Road, Remuera (part of the Hobson Bay Walkway)

Those marked with an * are currently included in Short Walks in Auckland self-guides.

To find some of the best places to walk a dog in Auckland, visit these other dog friendly sites:

FetchMag – Dog walks

Auckland Council – Exercising Your Dog

The Localist Dog friendly cafes

Comments on Dog Walks in Auckland


There is also a very nice park that allows dogs (officially on-lead) and has a lovely walking track along the inlet looking out across to Hobsonville, Shepherds Park in Beach Haven. Dog owners are all quite good there and friendly.


Totara Park (in Manukau) and Manukau Gardens (there is a dog exercise area on the northern end:


Thanks for the update Kiltannen. I have added it to the list. Regards, Helen

Little Robert Motusefua Rex

It seems that people are walking dogs off the leash at leisure whenever they like. This is a big problem in south Auckland where I live and a regular user of Parks and Walkways to walk my Dog. On a Leash of cause. I have made several complaints to Animal Control at Auckland Council but it seem to have fallen on Death Ears with nothing done to stop these people from making up their own Dog Laws and letting their dogs run loose on these Public Walkways. The latest was on the 23 March 2020 where my wife was attacked by a Dog running loose while out walking. The dogs was with its owner off the leash at the time when it ran up and bit my wife on the left calf while she was doing her stretches at the Park . The owner took off with the Dog and still no where to be seen. My wife is still on Injury leave since. The matter was reported to Animal Control but still haven’t been able to track down the Dog and its owner. I have strongly recommended in several complaints to animal Control before this attack for Dog Control Officers to patrol these Parks and Walkways to catch and remove these illegal Dog owners for the safety of the Public but to no avail. All what I get is a Reference Number for the complaint and no Action taken. Is Animal Control waiting for another serious attack on a defenseless child or an elderly person from these illegal dogs on the loose. Come on Auckland Council. Prevention is better than Cure! Do something about it and earn your keeps!

Richard Wagener

Dogs can certainly be a problem when not under control. I guess all you can do is continue to talk with council and see what action can be taken. I hope your wife recovers quickly – it is very scary and sore to be attacked by a dog. Good luck.