You could take a picnic to eat on the grass. And if you enjoy mountain bike riding, then this is an option too.  Be prepared for dog walkers (dogs on-leash).

This shady bush walk is suitable for hot summer days or misty rain days. The native bush includes nikau palms, young kauri trees and ponga tree ferns. The Kaipatiki Stream runs through the reserves.

This track is now open and has no problem with Kauri Dieback.

We started our walk from Glenfield Road. MAP

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The Hobbiton Movie Set Day Tour - From Auckland

Map location and how to find Eskadale Reserve Bush Walk

Photos from my walk along the Eskadale Reserve Bush Walk

Comments on Eskadale Reserve Bush Walk


Can you tell me where can I see Kauri in the Eskdale bush. Are they mature trees?


Hi Jacqui,
As I stated in this post “The native bush includes nikau palms, young kauri trees and ponga tree ferns.” I am planning to go back to document this walk at some stage this year. Having done numerous walks since February, I am sorry I do not remember exactly where the kauri trees are. 

Barry Wasson

Hi there,
I LOVE Eskdale Bush. A stunning natural retreat in the middle of a busy urban setting and a hidden gem. I’ve got to know it really well over the years.
I’ve got 3 concerns:
(1) it hasn’t had any investment in years and parts of it are becoming impassible outside of summer. Trees have fallen over tracks and clay banks become like ice. Boardwalks are crumbling and other stretches are desperate for a boardwalk.
(2) Because of this some paths marked on the map at entrance points are almost impossible to find or are too easy to get lost on
(3) The map in the Kaipatiki Explorer is wrong to the point of being dangerous (the one actually on Eskdale Road entrance is much better but see point 2). I could imagine an older or younger person becoming completely lost trying to follow this and ending up miles away from where they thought they were. The fork coming down from Domain Road, for instance doesn’t exist, but there are other unmarked forks to the West alongside Glenfield Road. It just doesn’t make sense – it looks like it was drawn by someone who didn’t understand the layout.
Are there any plans for investment? Do you need labour? I’d be willing to help. Are there plans to update the published map?
I’m only writing because I love the place so much.


Hi Barry.
Many thanks for taking the time to give feedback. However I am not responsible for maintaining any of this. Best to contact Auckland Council.

I have forwarded your comment to John Gillon who is very active on the Kaipatiki Local Board

Cheers Helen


Hi Barry,
I got this response from John Gillon… Cheers Helen

Hi Helen. Yes I’m very aware about how neglected Eskdale Bush is, but whenever I raise it, other projects are prioritised in front.
But when it eventually goes ahead, it is likely that we will be closing some tracks and creating other new ones.
Kaipatiki Project do some work in the western end of the park, but I’m not aware of any active volunteer groups in the rest of the park. If Mr Wasson is interested in getting more active and involved in the setting up of a volunteer group, then he is welcome to contact me about that [email protected]

Michelle Jessen

hi their could you please tell me if wedding can be hold their in that reserve thank you michelle


We have no authority over reserves. Have you contacted Auckland Council about this? 


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