Take the tricycles and scooters – this is a mostly flat walk, as there are only two steep bits.

Family Walk around Panmure Basin

Panmure Basin is a fun family walk in Auckland with several distractions – there is access to 3 playgrounds, and on weekends there is a mini-train ride (runs on Sundays from 1pm to 4pm) and you can stop and watch people controlling their boats on the pond.

Keep an eye on the tide chart – it does look prettier at high tide.

NOTE: Jubilee Bridge Closed. During the closure you can start at Lagoon Drive and head north to walk around the basin to the bridge and back. If you want a short walk you can head south from Lagoon Drive and walk along the eastern edge of the basin.

Quick facts about this walk

Walk time: approx. 45 minutes
Distance: about 4 kms
Start: Panmure Train Station
Track: Mostly level path, only 2 slight inclines.
Difficulty: Suitable for users of average fitness and mobility. Running shoes suitable in dry weather.
Buggies/Wheelchairs: The walking route is also suitable for prams/buggies
Dog Friendly: Yes – welcome on leash
Highlights: Mt Wellington, boats, water birds
FREE Map: Sorry there is no download of the map, it's waiting to be updated due to the bridge closure.
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You can see the nearby volcano cone of Mt Wellington from the lagoon and if you look carefully from the Jubilee Bridge, One Tree Hill in the far distance.

Nearby is a skate park and the Lagoon Leisure and Fitness Centre, Lagoon Dr, Panmure – Here you’ll find outdoor pools, a hydro slide, diving boards, and an adventure playground – all kid magnets in the summer. The outdoor area and gardens with barbecues and shaded picnic tables are great for family picnics and functions.

The walking route is also suitable for prams/buggies and dog walkers (on leash only). This walk has a fitness trail.

Also nearby is Mount Wellington Domain which is fun to explore and has great views of Auckland.

This area does lack nearby cafes but if you have a car you may want to venture to Pakuranga Plaza or Sylvia Park.

Photos from my walk along the Family Walk around Panmure Basin

Comments on Family Walk around Panmure Basin

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That’s a pretty good thing to do with your family, you can have fun and be healthy walking around.


Great walk this and there are cafes nearby. While Panmure isn’t the flashiest area in Auckland there are some quite nice little cafe’s along the main street. It’s just a short walk up the hill.


cool walk today


I sometimes go for a run around the basin but I’ve been attacked by seagulls twice now (so scary). Did anyone else had this before?

Richard Wagener

Hi Mary
I have not had it there but have in other places. It could be the time of year. If it happens to me, I collect a stick or a few small stones – a wave of a stick or throwing a stone as a warning in their direction can often deter them – but yes – seagulls/magpies etc can be very scary sometimes. Will see if anyone else has had any issues.


So many beautiful kingfishers this time of year 🙂 love going for walks on early mornings. it’s lovely to step into nature to get out of that city buzz.

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