Murphys Bush Scenic Reserve

After a walk around the nearby man-made Sir Barry Curtis Park, we retreated to the native bush of Murphys Bush Scenic Reserve.

The tracks can be muddy in places, especially after rain, as there is a stream.  Walks take from 10 minutes to one hour and are suitable for everyone. The walking route is great for prams/buggies and dog walkers (on leash).

The Hobbiton Movie Set Day Tour - Ex Auckland

The Hobbiton Movie Set Day Tour - From Auckland

Listen out for the sounds of native birds such as Wood pigeons, Morepork and Tuis and be humbled by the height of the tall, straight trees. It is easy to get “displaced” despite the signage – as there is more than one car park and picnic area.

We have not documented this walk as it does not fulfill much of our criteria, even though the bush is worthy of exploring.

Map location and how to find Murphys Bush Scenic Reserve

Photos from my walk along the Murphys Bush Scenic Reserve

Comments on Murphys Bush Scenic Reserve

Carol Walker

11 Oratau Place
Can you buy Murphy’s scenic reserve walk on your walk store can’t find it to order


Hi Carol,
Thanks for your enquiry. We decided not to document Murphy’s Bush because there are maps at the site and it is a small area. You might want to take some bright ribbon to tie on signs so that you don’t end up going around in circles! Cheers, Helen

Teryl Gillard

Sadly our dog walk with young children was extremely disappointing. Used condoms and wrappers little red the area…and a huge pile of human excrement. Sharpen up people. Do that sort of thing at yr own home.

Richard Wagener

Thanks for the comment. That is very sad indeed. There have been articles from the police about this before and warning people about their behaviour, so sad to hear that it has occurred again. Hope it gets sorted out again! Its certainly not good enough.

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