Quick facts about this walk

Location: Bologne
Distance: 109 km
Time: 7 days
Difficulty: Easy to hard, long days of walking
Elevation: 2947m
Track Quality: Mostly really good with signage although you will need the Walk+ App as well
Transport: We opted to do a tour which included our bags taken from one place to the next - very good move!
Mobile coverage: Patchy

The Path of the Gods 7 day walk was totally awesome!

You’ll need to download the Walk+ App for this walk as it got a bit tricky in some parts. We started from Bologne which is an amazing town with excellent lasagna.

Hiking the Path of the Gods: A 7-Day Walk with Luggage Transport (with Rain Delays)

My 7-day walk along the Path of the Gods (Via degli Dei in Italian) from Bologna to Florence offered a unique blend of convenience and outdoor adventure. Thanks to luggage transport, we were able to focus on the scenic trail and cultural encounters without the burden of heavy backpacks. 

However, two days of rain forced us to adjust our plans and take alternative activities in nearby towns and indulge in local cuisine.

The typical path spans around 120 km. This translates to daily sections ranging from 15 to 25 km, depending on the terrain and your pace.

Despite the rain interruptions, the Path of the Gods provided stunning views of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, including iconic peaks like Monte Adone and Monte Venere. We encountered historical landmarks like the ancient Roman road Flaminia Militare and charming villages like Monzuno and San Piero a Sieve.

Remember, to check the weather before you start out, you must pick the right time of the year.

Map location and track

My 3d video of the walk

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