it does have a small amount of bush and a few ponds (where there are ducks that would be happy to be fed) to break up the monotony of new residential and the big box shopping area.

Dog on Leash

It is great that a bridge has been built for pedestrians/cyclists to cross the Northwestern Motorway, to and from the West Harbour side. A walk to Moire Park is now achievable, and the residents of Massey and West Harbour have easy access to the shopping area.

Westgate Loop Walk

Quick facts about this walk

Walk time: 45 minutes
Distance: about 3.4 kms
Start: Westgate Shopping Centre
Track Quality: A mix of mostly level paths and slightly steep paths
Difficulty: Suitable for users of average fitness and mobility. May require boots in wet weather, running shoes suitable in dry weather.
Highlights: Native trees and fauna, new housing developments, City view.
Dog Friendly: Yes, on Leash
The Hobbiton Movie Set Day Tour - Ex Auckland

The Hobbiton Movie Set Day Tour - From Auckland

This short loop walk begins from the cafe (Robert Harris and Sierra) area, and leads down to the formed ponds. We followed our noses and were surprised to find that we had walked as far as Royal Reserve.

One gem on this walk is the view towards the city skyline – an unexpected bonus.

Map location and how to find Westgate Loop Walk

Photos from my walk along the Westgate Loop Walk

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