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Mountain Bike Track, Millers Flat, Roxburgh via Lake Onslow Road

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Excellent mountain bike ride up the 633 Mt climb from Millers Flat up onto Lake Onslow Rd and along the Teviot Range. You will see fantastic views of the Teviot Range and the Central Otago Hill Country and get a birds eye view of the middle section of the Clutha Gold Cycling Trail.

Quick Facts

        • Location: South Island
        • Distance: 60 km
        • Time needed: 4 Hours 15 Minutes
        • Difficulty: Hard
        • Wheelchair Access: No
        • Route: Round Trip
        • Elevation: 689m
        • Wet Feet: No
        • Toilets: Yes
        • Dogs: No
        • Mobile Coverage: Yes
        • Last Updated: November, 2019
  • Track Highlights

    Millers Flat is the halfway point in the Clutha Gold Cycling Trail from Lake Roxburgh to Lawrence. Stay the night in Millers Flat and take a ride up into the hills for a better view of the Clutha River Valley. From Millers Flat you climb to the top of Tima Burn Road, 698 Mt, to the turnoff to Lake Onslow Road. From the Lake Onslow T section you look back down to the Clutha River and the country towns serving the farming community, like Roxburgh, Ettrick, Millers Flat and off in the distance Beaumont and the end of the Clutha Gold Cycling Trail at Lawrence. If you turn to the right it is another 13 Km cycle to Lake Onslow. Today it will be another 22 Km into Roxburgh for lunch then finish the day off with a 19 Km back to Millers Flat.

  • Track Quality

    The Road is very good for mountain bike riding. It was a very smooth, fast gravel surface with almost no pot holes. There are a couple of tight corners that were very muddy. There is no shortage of great views along the top of Lake Onslow Road. This section of the ride was easy, down hill most of the time. The only concern was the bone chilling wind. There were only a couple of cars on the Onslow Road, they were driving slowly and were very courteous.

  • Hazards


  • Transport


  • Water

    The only drinking water is in Millers Flat and Roxburgh, the same goes for the toilets. Millers Flat toilet is in the middle of town, right beside the Village Hall, better still, buy a delicious date scone and a hot cappuccino at Faigans and use their clean toilets.

  • Driving Instructions


  • Shops or Restaurants nearby

    Faigans Cafe at Millers Flat – totally excellent!

  • Area & Track History

    Around 1888, Dismal Swamp was dammed to supply water via a number of causeways to the gold miners in the lower Teviot valley. After an 18 foot dam was built the swamp turned into a 830 ha Lake and renamed Lake Onslow after the Earl of Onslow. in 1924 the water was used for irrigation and to produce power for Teviot Valley. Today you can try your hand at catching a brown Trout, some fishing tales boast of brown Trout weighing in at 3Kg.

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  • Map location of Mountain Bike Track, Millers Flat, Roxburgh via Lake Onslow Road

    Map of walk

Millers Flat

From out the front of Faigans Cafe bike up river or towards Roxburgh on the Teviot Road for 1Km turn Right onto Oven Hill Road.

Lake Onslow Road

From Oven Hill Road cycle for 600 Mt, now you are on Tima Burn Road. Follow the sealed road for 1.2 Km and that is the end of the sealed road as well as the easy cycling, now it is a challenging 633 Mt climb to Lake Onslow T section. I hope I haven’t put you off the ride, there is a number of slight downhill cruises to give the legs a rest and give you time to look around. Don’t forget to turn around and take advantage of the amazing view back down the valley.

Bridges Hut Road

From the T section on Lake Onslow Road turn Left and enjoy the 3Km downhill ride to the next side road, Bridges Hut Rd, on your Right. Again follow the Rd around to the Left, Bridges Hut Rd is more of a 4×4 Rd.

Three Brothers Road

The next side Rd will be another 3 Km, this time on your Left. Three Brothers Road. Stay on Sanders Road. If you keep looking over to your right you can just see three wind turbines up the valley next to the pine trees plantation. On this section of road there was one steep climb just to let me know it wasn’t all plain sailing down to Roxburgh. You will know when you are getting close to the next turn off when you pedal past a couple of farm houses and the dogs start barking at you. The last house I saw was close to 19 Km back on the Tima Burn Road. The only other long ride without seeing another house was on the Roxburgh Gorge ride, 21Km.

Wright Road

At 8 Km turn Right on to Wright Road. If you pedal straight ahead on the Smith Rd thinking it will be easier, you will regret that decision. Now there were 4x4s running all over the place, so watch out on the corners, but now the scenery is a lot more interesting. I spotted the stone foundation work from the old Lake Onslow Road where the gold miners would have pushed their wheelbarrows loaded down with their lives possession in the early 1900. Next was the White Knuckle Descent down to Roxburgh, Millers Flat Road. If you can keep your eyes on the road and not on the Teviot power Station Water race, you will not need an ambulance to pick you up off the Road.

Roxburgh Turn Off

At 7 Km you should be back on the Roxburgh Millers Flat Road and civilization,bugger. Turn right onto the sealed Road or cut across the Road and jump the Road barrier to get onto the Clutha Gold Cycleway and peddle the 1Km to the Historic Roxburgh Bridge. Follow the  Road 800 Mt to the T section and you you will be on the Main Highway through Roxburgh, Turn right again and make your way to one of two Cafes.

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