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Shakespear Regional Park Walk

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Only 40 minutes from Auckland City, Shakespear Regional Park is a sanctuary with magnificent views of the Hauraki Gulf. The Shakespear Regional Park Walk is an easy 5 km round trip walk that will take you around 1.5 hours to complete.

Quick Facts

        • Location: North Island NZ
        • Distance: 5 kms
        • Time needed: 1 Hour 30 Minutes to all Day
        • Difficulty: Very Easy
        • Wheelchair Access: No
        • Route: Round Trip
        • Elevation: 60m
        • Wet Feet: No
        • Toilets: Yes
        • Dogs: No
        • Mobile Coverage: Yes
        • Last Updated: November, 2019
  • Track Highlights

    40 minutes from Auckland City, Shakespear Regional Park is a sanctuary with magnificent views of the Hauraki Gulf on a clear day you can just make out Auckland City. Shakespear Regional Park is a working farm, so you’ll have the opportunity to walk around the sheep and cattle. The native birds you might see are the White-faced Herons, Stilts, Dotterels, Tui and our native Pigeons.

  • Track Quality

    You can pick to walk along the beach or over farm land.

  • Hazards


  • Transport


  • Water

    Is in the camp ground and in the picnic area. Same goes for the toilets.

  • Driving Instructions


  • Shops or Restaurants nearby


  • Area & Track History


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  • Map location of Shakespear Regional Park Walk

    Map of walk

Points of interest along the walk

In the map above, if you zoom in on the walk, you’ll see all the following track points and their location. Each point has photos along with a description about each one.

Point 1: Start of Shakespear Regional Park

Step over the gate and walk to the end of the road and in to the camp ground. Make use of the toilets while you are there. Walk past the toilets and towards the hill, you should see the red marker post in front of you and to the right as well as the steps leading up to the farm land. Option two, walk up the beach, turn left and walk up to the hill at the end of the beach, you should see the steps and the track as you get closer to the hill.

Point 2: First Lookout

At the top of the point you can sit down and enjoy the view of Te Haruhi Bay. This is one of many fantastic spots to stop for lunch. If it is too early for lunch, wait till you arrive at the sonar building, 35 mins away.

Point 3: Pink Beach

Pink Beach, 5 min 300 mt. Not really a beach, there are layers of flat hard sand and stone, easy to walk on but also slippery. Again you can only get access to the rocks at low tide. It is a popular spot for fishing. If you stop on the wooden deck, watch out for the birds sitting above you in the trees, you could end up with fertilizer on your sun hat.

Point 4: The Lookout

Look out 30 Min – 1.5 Ks
A little workout for 10 mins. The security fence at the top of the hill, it belongs to the Ministry of the Defence so keep out, unless you would like to have free accommodation for a few days. I know the food is great and the beds are hard, I am X Army. Excellent views from the lookout, stay a while, read about the area and history, and talk to your follow trampers. Enjoy the surroundings. Binoculars would come in handy. From the lookout you can look back to Shakespear Regional Park Beach.

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