Catch the Kawau Ferry and get off at Mansion House Bay to start the walk to Coppermine lookout

The ferry departs from Sandspit Wharf daily at 10:30am and returns from Mansion House at 2pm. Sandspit Wharf is located approximately 50 minutes drive north of Auckland, via Warkworth. You can book the Kawau ferry here and save up to 50% if you’re willing to go at a quieter time.

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Quick facts about this walk

Location: Kawau Island
Distance: 4.2 km
Time: 1 hour 10 mins start to finish
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation: 169 m
Track Quality: Wide, dirt track in good condition, well looked after
Mountain bikes? No
Wheelchair access? No
Wet Feet: Only if you decide to try and walk the low tide part at high tide!
Toilets: There is a very good toilet block at the back of the cafe
Dogs: No dogs allowed
Mobile coverage: Patchy coverage unless you have Starlink (like us ha ha!)

Map location and track

My 3d video of Coppermine Loop Track

Full walk description

If you ever get the chance, definitely take a tour through Mansion House. It’s usually open when the Kawau ferry comes in.

Just follow the road, and you’ll see the sign for Coppermine Lookout. It’s a great walk with awesome views of the ocean and beaches along the way.

Once you get to the lookout, you can walk around the beach to the old Coppermine stack if the tide is low. Otherwise, you’ll have to take the longer track, which takes a bit more time.

History of the old Coppermine

The old brick stack is really impressive and definitely worth seeing up close. It’s part of the historic Coppermine, which dates back to the mid-19th century when copper was mined on Kawau Island.

The mine was operational from around 1844 to 1855 and was one of the earliest mining ventures in New Zealand. Though the venture eventually became uneconomical, the remnants of the mine, including the brick stack, still stand as a testament to the island’s industrial past.

Follow the track, and you’ll loop back if you took the low tide route like I did.

Back at Mansion House Bay, there’s a nice little café that’s worth checking out too. There is a big toilet block there too.

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