Summary of the Heli Hike in Franz Josef Glacier

This is the only way to see Franz Josef Glacier and walk on the ice glacier. You can’t walk there any other way, only fly and land on it. The helicopter will land right on the Franz Josef Glacier. Follow your guide into the maze of ice caves for an unforgettable 2.25 hour glacier walk. At the end of your glacier walk you’ll return to Franz Josef town by helicopter then it’s off to the Glacier Hot Pools for a relaxing soak, all included.

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Quick Facts about this walk

•  Location: Franz Josef
•  Distance: 2.5 km
•  Time needed: 3.5 Hours
•  Difficulty: Medium
•  Wheelchair Access: No
•  Route: One Way
•  Elevation: Unknown
•  Wet Feet: No
•  Toilets: No
•  Dogs: No
•  Mobile Coverage: Yes
•  Last Updated: November, 2019

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Summary points about this walk

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