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The Haumuri Bluff walk might be the most unique coastal walk you’ll do.

It is not an official track and you have to park on the side of the highway. Follow the railroad south and over the Oaro stream.

Follow the railroad for the next 4km. Almost immediately you should be able to see the rusted train wreck that lines the beach. When you reach the point where the railroad heads into a tunnel, scramble over the rocks to the shoreline.

The next 1.5km will be spent scrambling over these rocks—which can easily be mistaken for seals! So it is important to keep your eyes peeled as they are not very friendly. 

You will know you’ve reached Spy Glass Point when you reach a limestone stack on the rocks/beach. This stack is the remnants of the arch. 

Before heading back the way you came, make your way up to the grassy top of the bluff and enjoy views of the coast and the Seaward Kaikouras in the distance.

For this walk, it is very important to be aware of the tide as the “pinch points” (where you can get stuck at high tide) are within the last 10 minutes of the walk. So it is best to begin right after high tide to give you enough time to get back safely.

Fly over the whales on this stunning scenic flight which includes Kaikoura and it’s coastline. 

Quick Facts about this walk

  • Location: Kaikoura, South Island, New Zealand
  • Time needed: 4-5 hour walk
  • Distance: 12 km
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Bikes allowed: No
  • Route: Return
  • Elevation: Only if you choose to climb to the top of the the bluff.
  • Wet Feet: This walk should only be done at low tide.
  • Toilets: No
  • Dogs: No
  • Mobile Coverage: Unknown
  • Last Updated: August, 2020

Summary points about this walk

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