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This walk starts on the western side of Main Road Bridge in Lake Tekapo township, right near the Fire Station. You will see a poled route that climbs towards the river terrace. This climb is steep but the track then descends to the lower river terrace and takes you into larch forest. 

The track starts off along the Tekapo River, but then cuts back through open grassland toward Lake George Scott. The lake is about 3 km downstream from the bridge. It is a man-made lake whose purpose is to redirect the water from the river towards Tekapo B power station.

From Lake George Scott, you have the option of returning the way you came or taking the track that climbs through the pine forest to the boundary fence. The way there allows for close up views of the Tekapo River and the Lake, but the route along the fence line offers a vista view of them and the hydro canal.

The fence line route then reconnects with the original track. As you ascend back towards the river terrace, you will be looking over Lake Tekapo and the surrounding mountains—in case you didn’t look back at their beauty in the first place.

Quick Facts

        • Location: Lake Tekapo, South Island, New Zealand
        • Time needed: 1-2 hour walk
        • Distance: 3 or 10 km
        • Difficulty: Medium
        • Bikes allowed: Unknown
        • Route: One way or loop
        • Elevation: Unknown
        • Wet Feet: No
        • Toilets: No
        • Dogs: Unknown
        • Mobile Coverage: Yes, very good
        • Last Updated: May, 2020
  • Track Highlights

    The track is along the western side of the Tekapo River until the Tekapo A power station.

  • Track Quality

    The track is well-gravelled and has poles to follow.

  • Hazards


  • Transport

    Lake Tekapo township is a stop on InterCity’s bus network.

  • Water

    Drinking water is available in Lake Tekapo township, but not along the walk.

  • Driving Instructions

    Lake Tekapo township is along SH8, about 3 hours from Queenstown or Christchurch.

  • Shops or Restaurants nearby

    There are shops and restaurants in Lake Tekapo Township.

  • Area & Track History

    Lake Tekapo was once covered by glaciers. As the glacier moved, it dumped large amounts of terminal moraine eventually resulting in the damming of the valley causing. The valley filled with water and formed the lake.

    Lake George Scott, also known as Scott Pond, is named after the late George Scott, a former superintendent of the nearby Tekapo A power station.

  • Camping & huts on or near the walk

    No camping on this walk

  • Best Things To Do near this walk

Map of Lake George Scott Walk

Here is the map for Lake George Scott Walk showing it’s location in New Zealand. You can change the view on the map to satellite if you prefer to see an image of where the walk is instead.

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