It takes only a few steps onto the track for the canopy of the trees to engulf you.

One minute you are standing on the edge of the road, the next you are lost in the forest. The trailhead has a bench, part of which you can see from the sidewalk, but it is mostly surrounded by the trees. Sitting on the part of the bench that is hidden from the road, you can easily be hidden in plain sight. It is a nice place to sit for a moment and take in the trees and, if there aren’t many cars driving by, the sound of the birds. 

Moving on past the bench, you will immediately encounter a set of steps going up. At the top of the steps, the loop begins. This means that you can go left or right. Either way, the track will loop you back to the top of this staircase.

Alternatively, about halfway through the walk, you will see another path veering off, though it might not be apparent. This path, instead of leading you back up to the top of the staircase, will lead you to the Mount Cook Lodge.

Quick Facts about this walk

  • Location: Aoraki Mount Cook National Park, South Island, New Zealand
  • Time needed: 10-15 minutes
  • Distance: 0.2 km
  • Difficulty: Very easy
  • Bikes allowed: No
  • Route: Loop
  • Elevation: None
  • Wet Feet: Yes, after heavy rain
  • Toilets: There are toilets at the public shelter that is located a short walk from the trailhead.
  • Dogs: No, dogs are not allowed in the national park.
  • Mobile Coverage: Yes, very good
  • Last Updated: April, 2020

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Summary points about this walk

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