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Takaka Hill Walkway

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Takaka Hill walk is part of the Elizabeth 11 National Trust. Takaka Hill Walkway is a loop walk at the top of Takaka Hill that is 5.1km and will take you around 2.5 hours to complete. The walkway passes through fascinating karst landscape, with intriguing marble rock formations, sub-alpine scrub and beech forest, plus awesome views of Kahurangi National Park and Takaka Valley. The walkway is public, though it is located on private land owned by the Harwood family. We stopped to stretch our legs at the 920m summit, but the unusual limestone formation caught our attention.

Quick Facts

        • Location: South Island NZ
        • Distance: 5.10 kms
        • Time needed: 2.5 Hours
        • Difficulty: Easy
        • Wheelchair Access: No
        • Route: Round Trip
        • Elevation: 950m
        • Wet Feet: No
        • Toilets: No
        • Dogs: No
        • Mobile Coverage: Yes
        • Last Updated: November, 2019
  • Track Highlights

    On a clear day you can look East and see the Tasman Mountains and the Heaphy Track

  • Track Quality

    Very good farm track with large rocky out crops.

  • Hazards

    Keep an eye on the weather, the cloud can drop on you in minutes. Don’t wander off the track either, Takaka Hill is dotted with numerous sinkholes, many of which are obscured by vegetation and rocks.

  • Transport


  • Water

    No and No toilet

  • Driving Instructions

    Takaka Hill Walk is located at the top of Takaka Hill on State Highway 60, 53 km from Richmond and 38 km from Takaka.

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  • Area & Track History


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  • Map location of Takaka Hill Walkway

    Map of walk

Points of interest along the walk

In the map above, if you zoom in on the walk, you’ll see all the following track points and their location. Each point has photos along with a description about each one.

Point 1: Takaka Hill Carpark

The car park is just below the summit on the Takaka side, pull over to the left and drive in slowly is a bit rough

Point 2: TV Antenna

From the car park we hopped over the fence and followed the farm track up the hill.
I took a short detour down to the old hut thinking you might be able to stay the night But alas the wild life got there first.
At the top of the hill the road takes off to the left, we took the up hill track off to the right, the marker post were well set out, we had no problem finding the track.
How on earth can they farm this area, do the stock eat limestone instead of grass.
There was one beautiful little grass spot that would have make a good lunch spot under a tree but it was to early for us, we were only 13 minutes in to the walk.
We cut back on to the farm track that lead up to the TV Antenna.
In just under 30 minutes we were enjoying the fantastic views at 950 Mt from the top of the Arthur Range

Point 3: Sink Holes

On the way back to the car we took the 4×4 track, it was another 15 minutes longer but we did get to see a couple of small sink holes right on the side of the track, don’t fall in. and we saw lots of limestone formation and got sun burnt as well.
In all a very interesting short walk for the day with fantastic views well worth the 2 Hours and 30 Minutes walk, not including all the stops

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