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Mountain Bike Trail, Stage Three, Hauraki Rail Trail, Paeroa to Te Aroha

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In February 2009 the New Zealand government was going to invest $50 million and co-funding of around $30 million to build a 2,500Km Rail Trail down the center of NZ

Quick Facts

        • Location: North Island NZ
        • Distance: 21 kms
        • Time needed: 2 Hours
        • Difficulty: Easy
        • Wheelchair Access: No
        • Route: One Way
        • Elevation: 10m
        • Wet Feet: No
        • Toilets: Yes
        • Dogs: No
        • Mobile Coverage: Yes
        • Last Updated: November, 2019
  • Track Highlights

    The Rail trail from Paeroa to Te Aroha run’s through very rich dairy farming country. The dairy farms are around 100 to 200 acres and run on average 2 milking cow’s per acre. most of the farmers will be running Frisian cow’s
    The rail trail also follow’s the very popular kaimai rangers which is full of gold miners tails of the big gold strike
    The unlucky men ended up cutting down thousand of feet of kauri trees for the gold miners.
    The timber was used to build dams and for bracing in the gold mines.
    Thanks to those men we now have miles of bush tracks, gold mines, tramways,kauri dams and camp sites to explore.

  • Track Quality

    The Two metre track is lightly graveled and extremely flat. With a number of spectacular wooden bridges to peddle across.
    Out of the three section on the Hauraki Rail Trail this was the most boring section of the three

  • Hazards

    Bitterly cold wind and rain around winter

  • Transport


  • Water

    No water stops

  • Driving Instructions


  • Shops or Restaurants nearby

    Nothing till you reach Te Aroha

  • Area & Track History

    In February 2009 the New Zealand government was going to invest $50 million and co-funding of around $30 million to build a 2,500Km New Zealand Cycle it would consist of 18 Great NZ Rides and many smaller rides all link together.
    The New Zealand Cycle Trail will take you through stunning native bush along rugged coast line, past beautiful lakes and stunning mountains via old historic 1880 gold mining and logging track, coach roads and the abandon rail ways lines by summer 2012-2013.
    The Governments inspiration came from the great Otago Central Rail Trail, 20,000 local and international people walk or Cycle the Otago Central Rail Trail each year and spent $12.3 million.

  • Best Things To Do near this walk

  • Map location of Mountain Bike Trail, Stage Three, Hauraki Rail Trail, Paeroa to Te Aroha

    Map of walk

Points of interest along the walk

In the map above, if you zoom in on the walk, you’ll see all the following track points and their location. Each point has photos along with a description about each one.

Point 1: Starting Point of Paeroa to Te Aroha Trail

I peddled south through the main street of Paeroa until I reached the turn off to Hamilton. once across the Ohinemuri River bridge I was only 10m from the last 21km leg of Hauraki Rail Trail to Te Aroha.
The sun was out, a slight tail wind to give me a push, but it was still very cold at 0900H.

Point 2: First Public Toilet

The first 25 minutes of the ride was along side the main road to Te Aroha and at this time of the morning the road was very busy and noisy. and to top the day off I was back to carrying and pushing my bike through those ridiculous barriers again.
I think there was only one barrier on the ride from Paeroa to Waikino Railway Station yesterday.
At the second road crossing for the day I was not expecting to hit the brakes just to give way to a very bold rooster, he was lucky he was to tough for the pot.
Then after 40 minutes of fast peddling,trying to keep warm, I ran into the first public toilet I have seen on the whole Hauraki rail Trail, so it was time to stretch the legs and take a photo of one of two public toilet on the 77km Hauraki Rail Trail.

Point 3: Second Public Toilet

By 1015h the sun had disappeared behind the clouds and it was bloody cold. I had to stop for another safety barrier and just past it was another new cycle bridge.
So it was time to stop on the bridge and get out the biscuits and the hot flask of coffee and try to warm up.
Right along side the new bridge was the remains of the old railway bridge, the second only relic of the Hauraki railway I have seen in the two days of cycling from Thames to Te Aroha.
By the time I packet up and got underway the sun was out again for the last 8km into Te Aroha.
I had only covered about 1km when I saw a tree full of red apples just meters from the trail, I tried one but it was no match on my chocolate biscuits.
From the apple tree to the second toilet and the country hall is about 8 minutes

Point 4: Te Aroha Rail Station, The END

When you reach the hall turn to the right and make your way to the the last main road to cross for the day.
The 6km ride into the town of Te Aroha felt like 12km. when you pass the scrap metal dealer on your right there is one last side street to cross. look over to the right, you should see the Te Aroha railway station, THE END.
Now it was time to hunt down a cafe for a bowl of hot soup and toast for lunch.
There was nothing to do for the rest of the day so I took the main road back to Paeroa

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