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Saltwater Creek Walk

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From King Street beside the bridge, you will find a track along the north side of the river. Follow the track that leads inland. The track meanders its way around Saltwater Creek towards Coonoor Road. 

Looking towards the creek, you will be able to see mountains in the distance. On the other hand, by turning away from the stream (to your right), you will see farmland with a variety of animals.

About halfway through the walk, the track connects with Mowbray Street and, further, with St George Street. These intersections allow the track length to be modified based on people’s time and needs. Starting from or stopping at either of these intersections is a shorter walk. 

Continue on the track to Coonoor Road, where you will be rewarded with a historic stone bridge.

For a longer walk, return the same way and cross King Street to complete the Wetlands walk on the other side.

All along this walk (and the Wetlands walk) you will be able to witness the new native plantings that are the work of volunteers. The vegetation also makes for the perfect home for a variety of birds.

Quick Facts

        • Location: Timaru, South Island, New Zealand
        • Time needed: 40 minute walk
        • Distance: 2.5-3 km
        • Difficulty: Easy
        • Bikes allowed: Unknown
        • Route: One way
        • Elevation: None
        • Wet Feet: No
        • Toilets: No
        • Dogs: Yes
        • Mobile Coverage: Yes, very good
        • Last Updated: June, 2020
  • Track Highlights

    This track allows you to take in the native wildlife.

  • Track Quality

    The track is flat and gravelled.

  • Hazards


  • Transport


  • Water


  • Driving Instructions

    Head south on King St/SH1 until you reach the Saltwater Creek bridge. This is where the walk starts, on the north side of the bridge.

  • Shops or Restaurants nearby

    There are shops and restaurants in central Timaru.

  • Area & Track History

    The Otipua Wetland Trust bought the wetland in 1997. Several authorities and organisations wanted to restore it to its former beauty from the (once described) wasteland it had become. With the help of volunteers, the wetlands have been transformed due to replanting projects. This walk has also seen much new native planting due to this project. The work is still ongoing.

  • Camping & huts on or near the walk

    No camping on this walk

Map of Saltwater Creek Walk

Here is the map for Saltwater Creek Walk showing it’s location in New Zealand. You can change the view on the map to satellite if you prefer to see an image of where the walk is instead.

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