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The walk to Waterfall Creek is a very easy short walk of around 3k return, walking alongside Lake Wanaka. It will take you around 45 mins to walk from Wanaka town to Waterfall Creek car park. Only 5mins into the walk and you’ll get to the famous and most photographed tree sitting in Lake Wanaka. Lake Wanaka, the third most popular tourist destination in the South Island. Mountain biking, Trout fishing, Hunting and skiing, just minutes from your back door. Sit in a Wanaka lake front bar and watch the sun set over the amazing Mt Aspiring and Lake Wanaka.

Quick Facts

•  Location: South Island NZ
•  Distance: 3 km
•  Time needed: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
•  Difficulty: Very Easy
•  Wheelchair Access: No
•  Route: Double back
•  Elevation: Unknown
•  Wet Feet: No
•  Toilets: Yes
•  Dogs: Leash only
•  Mobile Coverage: Yes
•  Last Updated: November, 2019

  • Track Highlights

    Five minutes from the last carpark is the Wanaka Tree. Depending on how wet the winter season is, the Wanaka Tree could be sitting ten mitres out into Lake Wanaka with no water around it. This winter, the snow covered all the peeks, the views were amazing. The lake was as flat as a pancake, the sun was out in full strength, so why not sit down and enjoy the view.

  • Track Quality

    Excellent. Option one: walk down to the lake edge, turn to your left and walk 3 Km on the small pebble beache to Waterfall Creek. But you will have two small creeks to jump across. Option two: stick to the high track with all the other walkers, bikers, runners and dogs. This track is a little easier to walk on.

  • Hazards

    In the winter time, rug up well. The wind blowing off the lake will freeze you to the bone in minutes.

  • Transport


  • Water

    No drinking water along the way. The last chance to re-hydrate is at the Edgewater Restaurant.

  • Driving Instructions


  • Shops or Restaurants nearby

    All the cafés, bars, bakery’s, restaurants and supermarkets are 50 Mt from the lake edge.

  • Area & Track History


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  • Map location of Waterfall Creek Walk

    Map of walk

Car Park

The car park can fill up very fast, if so work your way 50 Mt back to town to the next parking area.
Cross the bridge, now the next 100 Mt is where the fun starts, you have to squeeze passed all the tourists fighting for the best position for that perfect photo of the Wanaka Tree, then it is plain sailing from there on.

Edgewater Restaurant

If you had a hard night last night and need a pick me up, call into the Edgewater for a coffee or a light snack, the open log fire will keep you warm. As you can see in the photo, it is easy walking along the water edge. And you will have the lake edge to yourself, no speedy mountain bikers.

Waterfall Creek Walk car park

You cannot miss the waterfall creek car-park; a 100’s car would not fill up this car-park. Past the toilet and around to the left is the road out to the main road and the start of the next interesting leg of the walk. The waterfall is actually back up the road in here, you can just see it if you drive in this way.

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