Sinclair Fur seals Colony is just a short 45 minute drive from down town Wellington.

Spot the fur seals while looking across the Cook Strait to the tip of the South island

Quick Facts about this walk

  • Location: Southern end of the North Island – Wellington
  • Distance: 3.70 kms
  • Time needed: 50 Minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Wheelchair Access: No
  • Route: Round Trip
  • Elevation: 1m
  • Wet Feet: No
  • Toilets: No
  • Dogs: Leash only
  • Mobile Coverage: Yes
  • Last Updated: November, 2019

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Summary points about this walk

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Points of interest along the walk​

Point 1: Sinclair Heads Seal Colony Walk – Start

There is no way you can lose your way on this walk. You will be walking, driving or mountain biking within 20m of the shore line all the way to the seals. The quarry must have been a substantial operation in is day, the locals must have complained to the council about the noise and the dust, as they do after they build their house next to the Quarry.

Point 2: Sinclair Heads Seal Colony Walk

These guys have got the right setting, no rowdy neighbours. Fresh fish at the front door and the supermarket just around the corner if you can’t catch that fish for dinner. Is the batch for sale?

Point 3: Sinclair Heads Seal Colony Walk

No, this spot is not 100ks from Wellington city, would you believe 10ks from down town café Wellington.

Point 4: Sinclair Heads Seal Colony Walk

Devils Gate. If you can smell the seals, but did not see one, walk through devils gate, the seals are a dime a dozen on the other side. Be careful if this is a weekend walk for you. The 4X4 boys might not see you as they roar through devils Gate. The seals are not so scary in this colony, you can get in close with the camera, just watch where you put your feet, there could be a seal with sharp teeth waiting behind every rock. Don’t worry about being eaten by a seal; The stomach-turning smell will kill you before the seals do. If you have time up your sleeve, you can walk a further (8Ks) up the coast.

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