This mainly flat 4 km walk would suit workers at Pakuranga Plaza as well as residents. Views of Mount Wellington and watercraft. Great for cyclists (cycle the full length of the walkway to Pigeon Mountain) and dog walkers (on leash – please refer to comments below), and for prams/buggies.

The day was calm and the skies blue – perfect for a walk!

view to the beach along Pakuranga Kentigern Loop

Quick facts about this walk

Walk time: approx. 45 minutes.
Distance: about 4.0 kms
Start: Pakuranga Plaza
Track: Mainly level paths.
Difficulty: Suitable for users of average fitness and mobility.
Buggies/Wheelchairs: Suitable for prams/buggies
Dog Friendly: Yes – welcome on leash
Highlights: Views of Mount Wellington, water craft, residential homes
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Photos from my walk along the Pakuranga Kentigern Loop

Comments on Pakuranga Kentigern Loop


At the start of this rotary walkway which begins by the pakuranga bridge, there is a particularly large sign for dog owners. It says that dogs are permitted on and off leash in this park. I am so tired of people telling me I should have my dog on a leash when walking here. She is well behaved and under my control. At one point a man was following a number of women around this path and photographing them walking their dogs off leash and saying he would complain, none of these dogs to my knowledge was causing a disturbance. A couple of the women threatened to take his camera and also to go to the police and complain he was a stalker. It seems people are not aware of the dog rules of this walk. There are no ther signs about dogs on this walk. Dogs are allowed off leash but under the control of the owner! It would be nice if people were more readily made aware of this fact. Your article also says: …”dog walkers (dogs on leash)…” The sign at the beginning of the walk clearly says they are allowed both on and off leash here but even other dog walkers I’ve met are not aware of this!


Thank you very much for your input. Would you be able to take a photo of the sign and email to me at so that I can add it to this post? Regards, Helen


Have photographed the sign and emails to you.


Thanks Sarah. I have updated the relevant post with your photo and information here: Pakuranga Loop Walk, as it applies to the area between the Panmure Bridge and Waakaranga Reserve off Kerswill Place. Cheers, Helen


Just ran around here yesterday again. There must have been 50 dogs of which only 3 of them were on a leash. There are signs showing dogs are meant to be on a leash. Numerous dogs also playing around the kids playground, a definite no. Owners just ignore the signs and when you tell them, you get abused. I do not feel comfortable walking, running or biking around here any longer due to the dogs running wild. I will now advise the council to do weekend spot checks with instant fines so these people get the message. Due to hundreds of dog attacks, a lot already this year, owners should take more responsibility. If you have small children who don’t like dogs, I would not do this walk


Hi Jasmine, Sorry to hear about all the irresponsible dog owners. I do hope that Auckland Council will follow-up. Thanks for letting us know. Cheers, Helen


The Rotary Walkway has always been designated dogs Under Control On-Leash. All signage along the walkway reflects this On-Leash status.
The Foreshore and Inter-Tidal areas are Dogs Prohibited. There are rare and sensitive shorebirds in this Significant Ecological Area (SEA-M1).
Following the adoption of the Dog Control proposal all parks along the Rotary Walkway will also be On-Leash.
Due to the very few Irresponsible dog owners who continue to break the law on this there is a proposal to Prohibit dogs from the Rotary Walkway area. This would be a shame for the Responsible dog owners with dogs On-Leash who enjoy the walk.
Please contact council regarding Irresponsible off leash dogs if these continue.

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