The tramline walk is an easy 6.5km walk which took me around 2 hours to complete. Only part of it is open

2.5 km of the tramline has been retained for the maintenance of the water pipeline. Excellent walk in Auckland’s Waitakere Ranges.

The Waitakere Dam Walk is OPEN, however the actual Waitakere Tramline Walk is CLOSED. It was closed due to Kauri Dieback. For further information on this terrible disease please refer to this

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Quick Facts about this walk

  • Location: Waitakere  Ranges, Auckland, North Island NZ
  • Distance: 6.50 kms
  • Time needed: 2 Hours
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Wheelchair Access: No
  • Route: Round Trip
  • Elevation: 330m
  • Wet Feet: No
  • Toilets: Yes
  • Dogs: No
  • Mobile Coverage: Yes

My summary points about this walk

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Description of the Waitakere Dam Tramline Walk

Waitakere Dam Car Park

You can’t miss this car park, it is on the Waitakere Scenic Drive and right at the main gate down to the dam which is locked, so you have to walk down to the dam.

To the dam – 20 minutes

The walk is a very easy 124m downhill walk on an excellent sealed road. The grass paddocks you can see in the valley out to your right are the golf greens at the end of Falls Road. Or better known as, Cascades picnic area.

50m before the dam, on your right, is the start of the tram track, and just another 10m further on, are two very clean toilets, this is your last chance. If you want to go down to the base of the dam, and get a fantastic view of the valley below, just before you start walking across the dam, take the steps on the left to the bottom, and then walk out onto the cliff face. Don’t cross the wire fence. You will not survive the fall.

Time for a lunch stop

Following the tram track is a very easy walk. I did this walk in open toe sandals. Keep looking out to your left, you will see the cliff I warned you about. Around 20 minutes you will arrive at the first tunnel.

This tunnel is only 70m long, you can walk through without a torch. 2 minutes. This would be a great place to stop for lunch, you could take advantage of the shelter on a cold day or sit on one of the picnic tables and enjoy the sun.

Last Tunnel - 20 minutes

Westend tunnel is blocked off; you will have to detour around the side of the ridge to get on to Anderson track. This section of track can get a little rough.

15 mins to Scenic Drive Road

Turn right, this track is your typical Waitakere walking track. A little muddy and slippery if wet. 20 mins, back to the car park. Scenic Drive Road can be very busy in the weekends. The road is very narrow, be careful when walking around the tight corners.

Here's a great video on the walk

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