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A very easy 5.2k walk along the Avon River Walk which will take around 4 hours. Enjoy lovely sights along the Avon River, hopefully you’ll get a great day for walking.

Quick Facts

        • Location: South Island NZ
        • Distance: 5.20 kms
        • Time needed: 4 Hours
        • Difficulty: Very Easy
        • Wheelchair Access: No
        • Route: Round Trip
        • Elevation: Unknown
        • Wet Feet: No
        • Toilets: Yes
        • Dogs: Leash only
        • Mobile Coverage: Yes
        • Last Updated: November, 2019
  • Track Highlights


  • Track Quality

    You can walk the Avon River by following streets and roads.

  • Hazards


  • Transport

    You can catch a taxi back to your parked car, A punt would be a lot more enjoyable.

  • Water


  • Driving Instructions


  • Shops or Restaurants nearby

    A lot has changed after the earth quake, but there are now plenty of great places to eat at in Christchurch.

  • Area & Track History

    Native trees, cafés, wild flowers, cafés, ponds full of ducks and frogs, cafés and did I mention Restaurants? Christchurch was officially settled by the British in 1850. It was just thirteen years after their arrival that the initial plans were made to form the present Botanic Gardens. On 09 July 1863, an English oak tree was planted in the Gardens. This is regarded as the foundation date of the Botanic Gardens. The grounds of the Botanic Gardens encompass an area of 30 hectares 74 acres, the majority of this being within a loop of the Avon River. Until 1863, the Gardens were largely natural wetlands and sand dunes. Since this time, they have been transformed into a place of beauty with undoubtedly one of the finest collections of exotic and indigenous plants to be found anywhere in New Zealand. There are numerous large majestic trees, many of which are in excess of 120 years.

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  • Map location of Avon River Walk

    Map of walk

Points of interest along the walk

In the map above, if you zoom in on the walk, you’ll see all the following track points and their location. Each point has photos along with a description about each one.

Point 1: Victoria Lake

When we got out of the car, we had to walk over to the lake to see what the noise was all about. It turned out to be the model boat racers zipping around the lake. From there we walk over the foot bridge and into the Botanic Gardens just to the right of the gate was the information centre. The people there were very happy to answer our questions and gave us a very good map of the Botanic gardens and a map of Christchurch CBD. We spent around an hour walking around the Botanic gardens then left buy the southern bridge next to the hospital

Point 2: Avon River Walk

A lot has changed since the earthquake. It was a nice easy walk along the Avon River, you just walk over a number of bridges crossing over the Avon. But now some of the bridges and roads are closed. As for the old water wheel where the first flour mill was build on that little island in the late 1800. It might have had is day by now.

Point 3: Punting On the Avon River

Punting on the Avon! It’s still going. But I am not sure if they are allowed to go under the condemned bridges? It is a very relaxing way to see Christchurch. Believe it or not the boat shed is a restaurant. It is well away from the busy and noisy down town traffic.

Point 4: Twin Towers Building

Again is it still standing? Need to make a phone call, how is this for a phone box. The steel sculpture next to the bridge is made from pieces of steel from the twin towers building. To see the steel beams ripped apart like sheets of paper is unbelievable. If you are standing at the towers site. You are on the one way street, Kilmore St. Now walk east with the Traffic for 1.22 km. Turn left at Park Terrace and walk 220M to the entrance to the park

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